Our story

To our customers,

Superstratum began from a collective determination to unearth and address the root causes of Building Related Illness (BRI). While the underlying factors of BRI are multifaceted, in our research we uncovered an enormous missing link—the prevalence of mycotoxins lingering after mold remediation.

In our quest to resolve this overlooked issue, we met with medical professionals and sensitized individuals directly affected by mycotoxins. These conversations showed us the scale of the problem and reinforced the intrinsic connection between the environment in which we live and every aspect of our mental, physical, and spiritual health. What began as mere curiosity evolved into a mission to revolutionize our living conditions.

Throughout our journey, it became evident that mycotoxins were not just a professional concern but a personal one as well—nearly every member of our team discovered that they or their loved ones were affected by these toxins. To all struggling with Building Related Illness: Our company understands your struggle, and we are here to help.


Seth Jones
Founder & CEO

Seth johns

Seth Jones

Founder & CEO

Our values


We believe in doing the work to test our products and process. We work with third-party labs, environmental consultants, chemists, microbiologists, and doctors not only to determine our products efficacy, but to ensure that they won’t cause more health issues for our customers.


We set out to solve a problem no one had solved before. That meant we had to think outside of the box. Three years of research and development went into Superstratum products, and this is just the beginning.


We are here to serve those who are suffering. More than anything, our company values people. We exist to empower your intuition with knowledge and tools so that you can change the way you feel in your environment.


When you are sick and searching for answers, nothing is more important than trust. At Superstratum, we are committed to honesty and transparency in every interaction. Our promise to you is that we will always communicate clearly about what our products are, what they do, and the science behind them.