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Microbes Don’t Stand A Chance

Superstratum is a specialty coating like no other

Strong and long-lasting layers of coating protection

Superior Protection Does Not Wash Away

Superstratum products contain a unique polymer technology that creates an invisible, water-resistant coating. That coating – protected by our non-toxic, EPA-registered antimicrobials – is a shield against mold and mildew growth. 


Protect Fabrics at the Microscopic Level 

Superstratum puts an invisible shield around fabric fibers and prevents the growth of nasty odor-causing bacteria.

The Competition Does Not Protect

Salts Dissolve

Quaternary salt products create a microscopic salt layer that prevents microbes. With even 10% humidity these salts start dissolving, leaving your surface exposed.

Chemicals Crumble

Abrasion and moisture immediately remove chemical cleaners. Bleach can remove mold and mildew on top of a surface but is ineffective at eradicating spores and fungal roots in microscopic cracks; causing pathogens to grow back even stronger.

Diagram of layer of protection from Superstratum

Metals Oxidize

Silver nanoparticles on fabric will tarnish just like jewelry. Tarnishing (oxidization) masks microbial contact points and greatly reduces antimicrobial properties

Diagram of metal oxidization on silver nanoparticles

Product Features

Water and moisture resistant for protection


While other products wash away in environments with just 10% humidity, our polymer resists water in high traffic areas, like showers, for hundreds of wet dry cycles

Non-toxic formula. Skin safe


Non-toxic finish products, safe for skin contact.

No volatile organic compounds (VOC) in our solutions

No VOC's

No volatile organic compounds, posing no risk to your skin or eyes.

Superstratum is made in the United States. We are an American company

Made in USA

All of our products are manufactured in the USA.