Superstratum Products - Mold Remover and Mold Protectant

Superstratum Cleanses And Createsthe Perfect Barrier Against Microbes.

Superstratum cleanses and creates the perfect barrier against microbes. Cleaning with Superstratum Mold Remover and protecting with Superstratum Mold Protectant is the smarter solution to prevent mold and microbes. Together they provide complete protection for homes and buildings, at the source.

How To Remove and Prevent Mold with

Superstratum Mold Remover bottle
Superstratum Mold Protectant bottle
Superstratum Mold Remover bottle
Superstratum Mold Protectant bottle

See Mold? Act Fast!

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Mold grows within 48
hours under the right

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Over 45 million buildings in the US
alone have water and mold

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Superstratum utilizes a natural
disinfectant and 'Smart
Polymers' to protect surfaces
against mold and spores deep in

How to Check for Mold

Search the Main Areas for Mold:

A bathroom

Indoors - Bedrooms, bathrooms, attics, basements, laundry rooms, and windows

Outdoor surface, wet deck

Outdoors-Patios, decks, walkways, driveways, siding


Utilities-HVAC, air conditioners, pipes, plumbing, walls

Recreational vehicles

Recreation-Vehicles, RVs, sports, workout, camping equipment, boats and water gear

Learn the Causes of Mold:

Moisture and condensation on surfaces

Water - Excess moisture, humidity,
water damage

Food - Decomposing matter, dust,

Temperature thermometer

Temperature -Warm muggy
conditions and the “danger zone”

Air Quality - Stagnant and dirty air
encourages mold

Lighting - Mold prefers dark spaces

Steps to Address Mold

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Search for mold in common problem areas to assess the problem

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Check for all the causes and contributing factors of mold.

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Remove, repair and restore the mold and water damaged area.

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How to clean and remove mold - Superstratium mold remover instructions

For removing and cleaning mold, no other mold cleaner can match Superstratum Disinfectant & Mold Remover Superstratum cleans and removes mold and microbes from the microcracks to the top of the surface.

Spray Mold Remover evenly
onto the affected surface.

Clean and scrub the surface
of all visible mold.

Air-dry completely.

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How to stop and prevent mold - Superstratium mold protectant

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Shake Superstratum Mold
Protectant well before use.

Apply an even spray coating of
Superstratum onto the cleaned surface.

Air-dry completely.
Now you have Superstratum protection.

Tips / FAQs

  • Superstratum products can be used in a fogger or sprayer for thorough and even application.
  • Shine a UV blacklight over treated areas to ensure full coverage.
  • Normal coverage is 800 – 1000 sq/ft per gallon.
  • HVAC systems should be visually checked for any signs of mold growth on system components, filters, insulation, and coils/fins.
Superstratum Mold Protectant bottle

Superstratum ingredients & SDS

See Mold Protectant SDS & TDS

See Mold Protectant SDS & TDS

Superstratum Mold Remover bottle

Why ‘ smart Polymers’ ?

Superstratum is a high-performance mold prevention spray with the use of ‘smart
polymers’ Adapatable and responsive to a surface, smart polymers provide
unmatched protection.