Superstratum Products - Mold Remover and Mold Protectant

Superstratum Cleanses And Createsthe Perfect Barrier Against Microbes.

Superstratum cleanses and creates the perfect barrier against microbes. Cleaning with Superstratum Mold Remover and protecting with Superstratum Mold Protectant is the smarter solution to prevent mold and microbes. Together they provide complete protection for homes and buildings, at the source.

How To Remove and Prevent Mold with

Superstratum Mold Remover bottle
Superstratum Mold Protectant bottle
Superstratum Mold Remover bottle
Superstratum Mold Protectant bottle

See Mold? Act Fast!

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Mold grows within 48
hours under the right

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Over 45 million buildings in the US
alone have water and mold

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Superstratum utilizes a natural
disinfectant and 'Smart
Polymers' to protect surfaces
against mold and spores deep in

How to Check for Mold

Search the Main Areas for Mold:

Outdoor surface, wet deck

Indoors - Bedrooms, bathrooms, attics, basements, laundry rooms, and windows

Outdoor surface, wet deck

Outdoors-Patios, decks, walkways, driveways, siding

Outdoor surface, wet deck

Utilities-HVAC, air conditioners, pipes, plumbing, walls

Outdoor surface, wet deck

Recreation-Vehicles, RVs, sports, workout, camping equipment, boats and water gear

Moisture and condensation on surfaces

Water - Excess moisture, humidity,
water damage

Dirt and rocks

Food - Decomposing matter, dust,

Temperature thermometer

Temperature -Warm muggy
conditions and the “danger zone”

Wide shot view horizon

Air Quality - Stagnant and dirty air
encourages mold

Dark spaces - alley, walkway

Lighting - Mold prefers dark spaces