Smart Polymers

Superstratum develops stimuli-responsive, environmentally-adaptive products using Smart Polymers. These highly efficient polymers – coupled with EPA-registered antimicrobials – offer a new approach for preventing mold in water damaged and sick-buildings.

What are Smart Polymers?

Smart Polymers, are stimuli-responsive, high-performance polymers that change according to environmental conditions. Superstratum products use Smart Polymers in our formulas to maintain potency and integrity for years on end.

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Unparalleled Mold & Mildew Solutions

Long Lasting


Water Resistant


Smart Polymer Features

Smart Polymers adapt to a surface and respond to environmental factors, like water or moisture. These acrylic polymers are activated with moisture to expose potent active ingredients that prevent mold and microbes, on-site. The long-lasting protective coating offers more protection with less toxins and need to clean.




Inhibits Mold



Smart Polymer Solutions

Superstratum solves mold and mildew problems at a fraction of the cost of cleaning products. That means buying fewer bottles and wasting less time. That’s better for you, better for your clients, and better for the environment.



Layers On Layers

The Competition Falls Apart

Most mold cleaning and prevention chemicals are quaternary salt solutions or other harsh, toxic chemicals. None of the products offer protection like Smart Polymers. Soaps and antimicrobials are useless after use and you need to reapply every day. Smart Polymers offers a new approach to fight microbes at all times.

Salts Dissolve

Quaternary salt products create a microscopic salt layer that prevents microbes. With even 10% humidity these salts start dissolving, leaving your surface exposed.

Chemicals Crumble

Abrasion and moisture immediately remove chemical cleaners. Bleach can remove mold and mildew on top of a surface but is ineffective at eradicating spores and fungal roots in microscopic cracks; causing pathogens to grow back even stronger.

Metals Oxidize

Many types of metals, including copper and silver, are used to prevent microbes. However, when moisture is present, no matter what the slick marketing says, these metals oxidize rendering them useless to stop pathogens. 

Our Smart Polymer Features

Engineered to provide extreme responsiveness and increasing performance in the harshest conditions. With protection that lasts through moisture and abrasion, leaves your surfaces mold and mildew free over weeks and years through dozens of wet and dry cycles.