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A Smarter Outdoor Cleaner, Coating, and Sealant to Protect Surfaces


Outdoor surface cleaners, coatings, and sealants don’t provide lasting protection against moisture and microbes, like mold. Superstratum contains adaptable ‘smart polymers’, making an advanced water and mold remediation spray designed for outdoor surface protection.


Protective Coatings & Sealants

Your outdoor living spaces are exposed to the elements day and night. Without protection from weather and microbes, outdoor surfaces can corrode and lose their shine. Most protective coatings and sealants available fail to provide a lasting protection.

Curating your outdoor spaces is a labor of love. Once you achieve your ideal space, the real effort begins with preventing microbes like mold, mildew, and algae. These microbes thrive in wet or humid climates, but all it takes to awaken them is a rainy or muggy day. Suddenly, the only peachy part of the outdoor retreat is fuzzy mold. It’s not just the aesthetics; mold can pose a severe health risk to you and your loved ones.

Surfaces in outdoor spaces include furniture, fabrics, woods, decks, patios, cement, walkways, and hard surfaces like vinyl, metal, or plastic.
Just researching how to treat these different surfaces is a dizzying exercise. Each substrate requires a separate, unique treatment. Most protective coatings and sealants used on these materials produce toxic residue and require professional application.


The most common coatings and sealants used to protect outdoor surfaces:



  • Polyurethane
  • Epoxy
  • Acrylic
  • Zinc
  • Ceramic
  • Alkyd
  • Polyester


  • Latex
  • Silicone
  • Polyurethane
  • Acrylic


Most coatings and sealants come in the form of paints, lacquers, stains, or adhesives. The active ingredients that resist water and fight microbes in these coatings always fail because they are not protected. With exposure to elements, outdoor cleaners and coatings quickly begin to fade.

For this reason, underperforming cleaners, coatings, and sealants often require expensive restoration down the road. 

In a sense, standard outdoor cleaners and coatings are ‘dumb.’ They are applied and left unprotected. 

Superstratum provides an intelligent defense against microbial growth. With an innovative ‘smart polymer’ technology, Superstratum is stimuli-responsive, meaning it adapts to environments. Utilizing smart polymers, Superstratum offers a unified strategy to protect any outdoor surface. Homeowners no longer need to discern between different cleaners or coating treatments because Superstratum does it all.

Applying Superstratum to an outdoor property is a breeze compared to standard cleaners, coatings, and sealants. Unlike ‘dumb’ products, Superstratum requires no professional application. Superstratum is non-toxic and VOC-free, so you can feel confident applying it yourself.

Superstratum’s protective benefits prioritize your safety while protecting your property. The ease of Superstratum is unbeatable. Spray and walk away. The work is done.

The protection Superstratum provides is as dynamic as the weather and changing days so that you can feel calm and confident in your outdoor spaces.


Powerful Outdoor Cleaner for Surfaces

Microbes proliferate in water and moist environments, leaving outdoor property extremely susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Harsh outdoor cleaners like bleach are the most common methods for dealing with mold and mildew. In environments with even 10% humidity, these cleaners disappear.

The most susceptible outdoor surfaces to moisture and microbes include fabrics like upholstery, wood and decks, concrete, metals, and vinyl.


Main outdoor surfaces to protect - Fabrics, Decks, Sidings, Walls
The main outdoor surfaces in need of protection.


Each substrate has a unique challenge when it comes to treating microbes. Microbes are hard to eliminate in fabric because they bury deep into fabric fibers. Wood is permeable and retains water, making it difficult to seal out moisture. Concrete is full of tiny crevices that are hard to clean. Vinyl and metals require antimicrobial treatments without damaging their appearance.

These substrates require comprehensive antimicrobial treatments that exceed the capabilities of regular cleaners. Ordinary outdoor cleaners lack the advanced technology of Superstratum and fail in the inevitability of rain or humidity.

An effective outdoor cleaner with moisture-repellent is the crucial first step for blocking microbial growth.

Even in dry environments where outdoor cleaners like bleach or ammonia can perform, they do not eliminate microbes at the source. Mold spores and bacteria are microscopic and dwell in very tiny microscopic spaces or ‘micro-cracks. Removing surface-level microbes only gives your property a clean appearance; the real issue remains.

In under 48 hours, mold can grow in a moist environment, requiring you to clean over and over while the surfaces remain unprotected between washes. Handling mold can be a risk to your safety. Interacting with certain molds, like ‘black mold’ or aspergillus, is not recommended. 

Your surfaces will never see an end to microbial growth without an antimicrobial coating that resists moisture. With the innovation of smart polymers, Superstratum can withstand and respond to any environment. In the fight against mold in humid climates, Superstratum outperforms all cleaners and sealants. Superstratum protects from microbial growth for up to a year in areas like walls, decks, and siding with a single application. 

No outdoor cleaner, coating, or sealant has the dynamic, long-lasting capability of smart polymers. The old method of cleaning outdoor mold and mildew is pointless without extended protection. Superstratum is a superior outdoor cleaner and protective coating.


Superstratum is an Intelligent Mold Remediation Spray

surface protection. Superstratum is the first antimicrobial product to harness smart polymer technology. Abrasive, wet environments are where other mold remediation sprays fail and where Superstratum triumphs.

The magic of Superstratum is in its ‘smart polymers.’ Our EPA-registered antimicrobials are sandwiched between multiple smart polymer layers that protect and extend the life and power of the antimicrobial active ingredients.


The three components to Superstratum Smart Polymer Technology:


  1. Moisture-Activated – In response to environmental stimuli like water and humidity, a moisture-activated layer acrylic polymer softens and opens to release its potent EPA-registered antimicrobials.

  2. Water-Resistant – The water-resistant layer allows the active ingredients to withstand high water, moisture, and humidity levels.

  3. Lasting Adhesive – A layer of adhesive sealants attaches to any outdoor surface and provides sustained protection against abrasion and wear. This layer makes it possible for Superstratum to stay for a year on low-traffic surfaces and last for up to five years in undisturbed, non-exposed areas.


Smart polymer technology works smarter and harder. Superstratum is a mold remediation spray that requires no scrubbing or continual cleaning; a single coating of Superstratum protects outdoor surfaces for months and years. Once Superstratum covers a surface, smart polymers do all the work for you.

Common outdoor cleaners, coatings, and sealants do not protect their antimicrobials. This weakens their protection for outdoor surfaces and erases them with moisture and abrasion. Superstratum thrives in and activates with moisture. You can have intelligent protection for your outdoor furniture, woods, concrete, and equipment. 

The layers of protection from Superstratum work together to maintain the quality and extend the life of outdoor property. Superstratum is formulated to protect virtually any outdoor surface.


Common outdoor areas in need of protection from moisture and microbes:


  • Furniture & Upholstery

  • Wood & Decks

  • Concrete & Cement

  • Marine & Boats


Superstratum is a responsive and lasting mold remediation spray you can trust. Superstratum is proud to offer an easy, efficient way to prevent microbial growth and protect your property.

Don’t waste any more time with endless cleaning. A superior protective coating is here. Try Superstratum today!


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An Upholstery Cleaner with Protection

Microbes love to infest outdoor furniture and upholstery. Upholstery cleaners remove surface-level mold and mildew. Still, a superior method is required for addressing microbes growing in denser fabrics like cushions.

Before Superstratum, the protocol for severe mold infestations in outdoor furniture was to hire expensive professional remediation or to throw it in the dumpster altogether. These are not sustainable options for most.

Harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia are the go-to upholstery cleaners for mold remediation, but these chemicals can degrade your furniture. Plus, their efficacy for killing mold and mildew is debatable, not to mention they do nothing to protect your property; keeping you in an endless cleaning cycle.

Upholstery cleaners are no match for stimuli-responsive smart polymers. Superstratum is an affordable alternative to professional remediation. With smart polymers, Superstratum outperforms professional treatments with long-lasting microbial protection.

You’ll save time and resources without wasting money on ineffective cleaners, outsourcing help, or trashing your stuff. You’ll be doing yourself and your furniture a favor when you use the best upholstery cleaner and protection available – Superstratum.


An Easy to Use Wood Sealer

Wood is porous and absorbs moisture like a sponge. Mold and mildew easily infest and rot outdoor wooden furniture and decks. A proper wood sealer is critical for preventing moisture that causes microbial growth. 

Too often, people reach for bleach when they want to remove mold from wood, but don’t do it!  Bleach will discolor and weaken the integrity of your wood surfaces. Superstratum is invisible when it dries, never damages or discolors, and extends the life of woods.

For mold-infested wood, power washing and harsh chemicals are the usual treatments. But washing and cleaning are only temporary solutions. A coating of Superstratum solves the entire issue. It shields moisture from penetrating wood and prevents microbes for up to one year.


A Smarter and Easier Concrete Coating

A non-corrosive concrete coating is essential to shield your surfaces from water and resulting microbes. Concrete, cement siding, driveways, patios, fences, and stairs can be ruined and corroded by mold. These blemishes are ugly on the eyes and nasty for your health.

Superstratum is abrasion-resistant and non-corrosive. Ideal for preserving concrete exposed to weather, people, and cars. One application of Superstratum lasts for up to a year on your concrete and cement flooring, patio, siding, and tile. Enjoy your concrete walkways and walls without thinking twice about microbes.


A Complete Boat Cleaner and Mold Remediation Spray

Superstratum is a complete boat cleaner and mold protection treatment. Boats and marine upholstery can be the most difficult to keep clean. Ships and marine equipment are constantly exposed to moisture, making mold a never ending battle.

Boats and marine vessels require many different cleaners because they are composed of various materials, surfaces, and upholstery. Superstratum treats and protects all of these materials. Superstratum is also UV-resistant. It is the perfect match for protecting boat upholstery.

Once you clean and coat your marine and boat upholstery with Superstratum, you won’t need to clean or treat it again for at least six months to one year.

There is finally a superior long-lasting boat cleaner that withstands aquatic environments and protects your vessels. 

Are you ready for a superior protective cleaner and coating treatment for your outdoor surfaces? The simple and robust protection of Superstratum is here. You can now protect any outdoor surface from the elements.


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